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AlomWare Reset 3

Why wait for your PC to reboot? Quickly reset in 10 seconds instead!

Freshen your PC's state without logging off or rebooting.

When your PC is slow and you want it snappy again, why log off or reboot? Instead, "reboot" your PC faster with AlomWare Reset! It closes all open windows and apps, frees up and optimizes your PC's memory, terminates all non-system processes, and generally sets up your PC as though freshly booted.

Remember when pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del rebooted your PC because you were the boss? Relive those glorious times with AlomWare Reset's "real-time reset" function. Added by popular demand, this optional and cool retro feature allows you to press Shift+Ctrl+Alt+Del to "reboot" your PC at any time!

Sometimes your PC uses more memory than it should because unwanted user processes have started (such as MDM.exe and CTFMon.exe). Simply add these rogue processes to AlomWare Reset's real-time "kill" list and they'll be terminated as soon as they start, thus preventing unwanted memory loss on the fly.

AlomWare Reset also has a unique "snapshot" function that remembers every app, window, and process running on your PC. After you take a snapshot, you can run new additional apps and processes temporarily, and then close (or kill) all of these later with one click by restoring the snapshot. This is perfect for running a temporary task without affecting your current work or wasting additional PC resources.

Installing new software means you need to close all applications first. Don't risk a bad install by forgetting to close an invisible background app: let AlomWare Reset handle it in less than 10 seconds.

AlomWare Reset can quickly restart Explorer.exe as well, which is handy for times when Windows Explorer freezes (so you can't use your desktop) or to release "locked" files held by Explorer that you can't delete. Don't log off or suffer a slow reboot in these cases: let AlomWare Reset take care of it!

Please Note! AlomWare Reset is not designed for use after system updates or software installations, and can't be used to deal with any hardware issues. Both these situations always require an actual real reboot.

AlomWare Reset


AlomWare Reset 3